The Future of crypto is non fungible

Ownership of collectibles, artwork, minerals, and more through NFTs.

Why NFTs?

No matter how valuable a painting or one-of-a-kind diamond may be, these assets are generally non-fungible, meaning they cannot be sold or borrowed in the same way that fungible assets such as gold bullion can.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, overcome this barrier by conveying ownership of these assets through cryptographic instruments which can be transacted as easily as sending an email.

Who we are

Nifty is a group of early-stage crypto adopters and finance professionals who recognize the potential of NFTs as a way of unlocking the value of non-fungible assets, and are incubating ventures to create new opportunities in this emerging asset class.



Flurbo is Nifty’s inaugural project, offering a simple user interface through which opportunities to trade or borrow against NFTs can be identified on the many decentralized exchanges out there.